Types of Sinus Procedures

If you are suffering from acute maxillary sinusitis or chronic sinusitis you should contact the closest office that provides sinus surgery in NYC. After looking up balloon sinuplasty midtown Manhattan, you will find information on a possible alternative to sinus surgery in NYC. Referring to an inflammation of the lining within the sinuses, sinusitis can be classified by location and duration. The location classification consists of maxillary, frontal, ethmoid, and sphenoid. These describe precisely where the pain or symptoms are being obvious. Sinusitis can encompass the cheek area, and above and behind the eyes. The classification of duration consists of acute, subacute, chronic, and recurrent. These durations vary from acute, lasting for four weeks or less, to recurrent, consisting of several attacks a year.

There are a number of successful procedures for treating sinus sinusitis. Varying from surgeries to less risk full procedures, many options are available in choosing the proper nasal care. Some sinusitis treatments include image-guided sinus surgery, sinus irrigation, nasal endoscopy, septoplasty, Caldwell luc sinusitis surgery, and laser turbinate surgery. Searching balloon sinuplasty midtown Manhattan will get you connected with an otolaryngologist with experience in doing that procedure.

Nasal endoscopy is the technique physicians use to examine the nasal cavity with an endoscope. Allowing for an excellent visual inspection, a physician can accurately diagnose the cause. Samnoplasty is minimally invasive and involves a needle electrode to emit radiofrequency energy, shrinking excess tissue. Endoscopic sinus surgery removes the diseased area and opens natural channels into the sinus cavities, improving natural drainage. It can take up to two hours, causes minimal pain, and the recovery lasts about a week after surgery.

Image-guided sinus surgery allows surgeons to operate with the most detailed, real-time views and information. Image- guided sinus surgery was developed with Gulf War missile-tracking technology. Image-guided sinus surgery gives surgeons the maximum amount of information about each patient’s unique anatomy, helping doctor’s complete surgeries with total safety and awareness. Sinus irrigation or balloon sinuplasty gives people the choice of fewer complications. Sinus irrigation involves a small deflated balloon placed into the nasal passage ways. It then inflates, restoring the bones and tissues of the nose.

Laser turbinate surgery reduces the size of turbinates, and because it is designed to be quick and painless, no general anesthesia or downtime is required. The most common lasers used during this procedure are CO2 and KTP lasers. Laser turbinate surgery takes about an hour, and a person can return to work the next day. If you think you may be in need of any of these procedures, visit your otolaryngologist to gain more information on sinus surgery in NYC.