Treating Acute Sinus Infections

There are different types of sinus infections, all of which much be differentiated and demand particular treatments. Acute sinusitis, for example, is recognizable based on the symptoms. Treating acute sinusitis usually only requires balloon sinuplasty surgeries if it has progressed to the chronic definition of the condition, but that can happen easily if it’s not addressed right away. Symptoms of an acute sinus infection include thick, colored discharge from the nose, congestion, a deep cough, headaches, earaches, and pain in your teeth. These symptoms are similar to those of a cold, so it’s important to keep track of when they appear and how severe they are over time. If they keep bothering you or get worse over a few days, it’s important to see a Midtown sinusitis specialist as soon as possible.

Acute sinus infections can be caused by a few factors: viral infections (a cold that has progressed to sinusitis), bacterial infections (if an infection persists for seven to ten days), and fungal infections (people with sinus abnormalities or weaker immune systems are more susceptible to this type of infection). There are also conditions which increase your chances of getting sinusitis, such as allergies, nasal polyps, a tooth infection, or a deviated septum. Patients with these symptoms don’t necessarily always get acute sinus infections, but again, their chances do increase. There are also complications associated with acute sinus infections, such as asthma attacks, progression to chronic sinusitis, meningitis, vision problems, and ear infections. When left untreated by a Midtown sinusitis specialist, acute sinus infections can cause health problems that will also require treatment.

Seeing a Midtown sinusitis specialist is the best way to avoid these problems. Whether the doctor recommends balloon sinuplasty surgeries or not, at least you will be getting the symptoms of an acute sinus infection addressed. A surgical sinuplasty procedure is one of the more effective ways of keeping the condition from progressing, but a doctor may want to try other treatment methods first. 

Treating acute sinusitis is important because the condition can become incredibly debilitating. It’s exhausting to feel sick all the time and you often lose your appetite, focus, and energy altogether. With the help of a Midtown sinusitis specialist, you’ll be back on track to getting healthy again, whether you get a surgical sinuplasty procedure or the doctor recommends medication first. Acute sinus infections, when caught early, can often be treated easily, but you need to always be on top of your health and seek medical attention when you feel like something isn’t right.