The Possible Effects Of Balloon Sinuplasty

If you have been suffering from sinusitis symptoms, you may be going crazy looking for relief. The more severe sinusitis is, the harder it is to treat. Chronic sinusitis is differentiated from acute, by having longer-lasting and severe symptoms. If you have been experiencing sinusitis symptoms, you more than likely know that what you're feeling is not simply the result of a bad cold. However, because all the symptoms revolve around the same area, people often confuse the cause. For it to be considered chronic sinusitis, you must have at least two out of the four signs of a chronic infection. Constant green or yellowish discharge, nasal obstruction, pain around the facial features, and a reduced sense of smell and taste are the official signs of sinusitis. If you have two of these symptoms, you should seek medical help. Search otolaryngology NYC best or otolaryngologist New York City to find a sinusitis specialist that can suggest alternative treatment options.

Sinusitis is experienced by more than 37 million Americans every year, making it one of the most common health conditions in the country. Traditionally the treatment options were medical therapy using medication or surgery. Through research, innovation, and technological prowess, an alternative treatment option exists. Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive treatment option that can be performed in an office setting. This procedure uses a small balloon in order to reshape the anatomy, expanding the sinus pathways and restoring drainage. The balloon is placed in key locations in the nose and sinus. It is then inflated to dilate and expand the sinus pathways. If you have found no successs in traditional treatment methods, you should search otolaryngology New York City or sinus specialist New York City to find specific information on balloon sinuplasty procedure for your individual case.

This procedure is much simpler than a traditional surgery, resulting in extremely short recovery times. Many patients resume normal activities the next day. However, as with any medical procedure, there are associated risks and side effects. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, resulting in fewer potential side effects than with other sinus procedures. Some risks include post-operative bleeding, pain and swelling, allergic reaction to anesthesia, or an infection. It is also possible that your sinusitis doesn't respond to treatment. If this happens you will need additional treatment, search otolaryngology NYC best or otolaryngologist New York City to find a practicing balloon sinuplasty specialist that will assist you in further treatment.

If you suffer from recurring chronic sinusitis, visit an otolaryngologist's website to connect with a medical professional about balloon sinuplasty and other alternative treatment options. Don't let sinusitis dictate your life, choose the path of permanent relief by searching otolaryngology New York City or sinus specialist New York City. You can find the sinusitis relief you have been dreaming of because it does exist.