Surgeries for Sinusitis

If you have frequent sinus infections, antibiotics are often the first course in sinusitis treatment. In Midtown Manhattan and elsewhere in the U.S., however, sinusitis surgical treatment is an up-and-coming, relatively easy treatment program for sinus infection patients who don’t respond to antibiotics. Frequent sinus infections can make your sinus infection chronic, and difficult to get rid of, which is why treating sinus conditions early is important.

If you’re thinking, “But what operation should I have to clear my sinuses?” then you have several options available. Most surgeons prefer to use endoscopic procedures for sinusitis surgical treatments because endoscopy is a minimally invasive approach for regions like the face, which most patients are sensitive about.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) has been performed since the late 1980s, and involves using endoscopes (flexible cameras inserted through orifices in the body) to remove tissue and enlarge sinus passages. But at times, functional endoscopic sinus surgery recover times are longer than more modern procedures. With the invention of balloon sinuplasty, endoscopic surgery has primarily been used for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, which is inflammation of nose and sinus mucosal tissues that continues despite decongestant and antibiotic use.

Balloon sinuplasty was developed in 2005, and involves sliding a catheter with a balloon attached through the thin sinus passage openings, before inflating the balloon to expand them. Balloon sinuplasty patients are usually able to do everyday activities, like leaving the doctor’s office under their own power 15 minutes after the procedure. Though recovery, like many sinus procedures, may involve bloody discharge from the sinuses, it is relatively painless compared to weeks-long recovery from other sinus treatments, plus days spent with extreme headaches.

For those looking to fix mild cases of sinusitis, however, natural remedies can aid congestion. Inhaling steam, using a humidifier, and using nasal irrigation are all ways to help congestion without popping pills or going “under the knife.” Patients should try natural solutions before seeking expensive surgical solutions for occasional congestion. If your nasal congestion isn’t serious, probably less-extreme treatment options are available.

If you’re a New Yorker looking for sinusitis treatment in Midtown or elsewhere in NYC, sinus infection treatment can be found quickly and easily. If you believe you have a sinus infection, chronic sinus infection or other sinus blockage, New York doctors can perform sinusitis treatment in Midtown. NYC sinus infection treatment specialists can help you breath effortlessly, even in Manhattan air.