Other Common Sinus Surgeries

In addition to getting balloon sinuplasty surgery in Midtown, you can also explore other options to help with your chronic sinusitis or sleep disorder problems. These issues are frequently more connected than people realize, so a sinus doctor in Midtown will be able to get you the right treatment to deal with any underlying condition. A doctor can treat a deviated septum, shrink excess tissue, and reducing turbinate size. These are just some of the more common sinus surgeries performed in order to help you function better throughout the day and prevent future sinus or sleeping problems.

Treating a deviated septum
The septum can often get in the way of nasal passage drainage, so straightening the septum should make that a little easier. This is one of the other sinus surgeries capable of treating sleep apnea as well.

Shrinking the tissue
Excess tissue can make it difficult to breathe and sleep, depending on where the excess is located. If it’s at the base of the tongue, the palate, or the uvula, you may snore and suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. If it’s in your nasal passages, you are a candidate for chronic sinusitis. Shrinking the tissue using a needle electrode will allow radiofrequency energy to shrink the excess tissue and make it easier for your nasal passages to drain and remain clear.

Reduce turbinate size
Laser turbinate surgery is among the more common sinus surgeries. The turbinates can cause major congestion if they aren’t treated properly, so this procedure will reduce them in size. It’s done easily and is one of the more popular other sinus surgeries for those who are nervous about the procedures.

 A sinus doctor in Midtown will analyze your condition and get to a diagnosis before figuring out which of these common sinus surgeries you can benefit from receiving. The doctor will monitor your treatment prior to surgery and look for any changes. Surgeries are reserved for patients who aren’t responding to other treatments, like medications or lifestyle changes, or for patients who wouldn’t benefit from those treatments at all. Standalone balloon sinuplasty surgery and other sinus surgeries will change your life, just by letting you breathe easier. Schedule a consultation with a doctor today to determine if it’s right for you.