Do You Have Sinusitis Or A Cold?

Chronic sinusitis symptoms and common cold symptoms are often so similar that patients don’t necessarily realize when they have one over the other. It’s easy to assume it’s just a cold and hope it will go away, but chronic sinusitis symptoms can cause serious health problems when they are left untreated. Even a common cold can impact your health, though these are viral infections and more often than not go away on their own, unlike bacterial sinusitis.

A cold will typically last for five to ten days, with nasal discharge that changes appearance and thickness over the course of the cold. It will also usually get worse at night. A low fever may be present for the first couple of days of the cold, while symptoms are usually worst between days three and five. In the case of bacterial sinusitis, the symptoms last for longer than ten days. The fever and nasal discharge usually last for at least the first five days, and you’ll also experience swelling around the eyes, accompanied by dark circles. Sensitivity to light, headaches, and tooth pain are all considered chronic sinusitis symptoms as well.

With a cold, treating the symptoms is usually the best you can do unless you notice something abnormal about the condition. Bacterial sinusitis will require antibiotics and if the patient shows no improvement, may require surgical treatment. A balloon sinuplasty surgery is considered among the most common Midtown sinus treatments, as well as the treatment with the best track record of results. Patients with this procedure report reduced symptoms and flare-ups for up to six years at least. In the meantime, you can also treat chronic sinusitis symptoms as they persist.

Sinusitis treatments in Midtown, NYC are known for being the best in the field because these doctors care about making sure their patients are healthy again. They understand how debilitating it can be to be suffering from either sinusitis or a cold, though the former is more painful and serious. With the best medical attention you can get, you’ll be on the road to recovery before you know it.

No matter how you end up getting sinus treatments in Midtown, it’s important that you follow up with your doctor regularly. That way, you know you’re recovering properly and any adjustments that need to be made or any new medical conditions that need to be addressed will be done so as early as possible.