Treating Sinus Problems Through Sinus Surgery

ENT surgery from a sinus specialist is a common way of treating sinus problems. Balloon sinuplasty surgery is one of the most frequently performed sinus surgery because it is minimally invasive, very successful, and patients have a quick recovery rate. Treating sinus problems with balloon sinuplasty surgery and other methods of sinus surgery should always be done as a last resort and only when recommended by a professional sinus specialist. Any type of ENT surgery comes with risks and will usually be performed if there aren't any other options and your case is severe enough. You should consult with a sinus specialist on your course of treatment; sinus surgery may be a viable option for you.

Types of sinus surgery

Balloon sinuplasty is one common method of sinus surgery. It involves using a balloon to dilate sinus passages and is performed easily by a sinus specialist. However, balloon sinuplasty surgery, while a common option, is not the only option available for sinus surgery patients. Surgery can be used when treating sinus problems in the form of endoscopic sinus surgery, image guided surgery, and something called a Caldwell-Luc operation. Any sinus surgery is designed to relief your pain and drain your sinuses to keep them clear. They each have their advantages; image guided sinus surgery, for example, tends to be used when your facial and nasal structure may be outlined differently and a sinus specialist wants to be sure no nerves are damaged during the surgery. Basically, it makes it easier for a doctor to see what he or she is doing.

Like any other ailment, major sinus issues have different surgeries for different things. Your sinus specialist may recommend you to a different area of surgical intervention, for example if a tumor is found, whether it's malignant or benign. Not every sinus doctor is able to make a call with regards to treatment in those conditions. No matter what, surgeries are not your only option and should be used if other methods of treating sinus problems have failed.

Getting ENT surgery from a sinus specialist

Before undergoing sinus surgery an ENT specialist will make sure any questions and concerns you may have are addressed. You'll be prepped with regards to what you can expect during a sinus surgery like balloon sinuplasty surgery, as well as how to recover from it. ENT surgery, while minimally invasive, is still surgery and your sinus specialist wants to put you at ease for the procedure so it will go much better.