Sinus Headaches: How to Find Relief

Sinus headaches are trouble. Many patients experience pain and difficulty focusing. These headaches are just one of many problems for patients suffering with sinusitis. They only get worse the more one prolongs treatment.

There are treatment options available for people with this condition. However, only one procedure ensures that patients are comfortable, safe and receive proper relief. That procedure is the balloon sinuplasty surgery. It time to find out more about sinus headaches and how a balloon sinuplasty doctor can help you find relief.

How Sinus Headaches Occur

Sinusitis is the cause of sinus headaches, but how exactly does the condition cause this debilitating symptoms? The answer lies in the obstruction of the sinus passageways. This area of the nose become inflamed and swell up due to sinusitis. This type of obstruction can also happen when patients have nasal deformation or broken nose.

When your sinuses are normal, they allow you to breathe easier. More importantly, nasal discharge is able to exit through sinus passageways without any complication. However, when the sinuses are inflamed, this leaves little room for this fluid to exit.

The discharge and mucus builds up within the sinuses, causing the headaches and facial pain that many patients with this disorder begin to feel. Pain and pressure is usually located near the eyes, cheeks and forehead. These are the areas where the sinuses are also located. The more bacteria and mucus build up, worst the sinus infection becomes, resulting in fevers.

Finding Relief

If you have sinusitis, you need to consult an otolaryngologist, which are doctors who specialize in treating conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat. Many of these doctors are trained to provide treatment for your sinus headaches. One such treatment, the balloon sinuplasty procedure, might be your best bet for relief.

For those who don’t know, the balloon sinuplasty procedure makes surgery easier for doctors and their patients. No longer do sinusitis sufferers and those with nasal deformations have to worry about pain and long recovery times. The procedure does minimal damage to the sinuses, as there is no removal of tissue and bone. What balloon sinuplasty does is expand the sinuses using a balloon catheter that is carefully inserting through the nasal passageways.

The procedure can be completed within an hour, and you can recover within one to two days. If you are looking for sinus headache relief, a doctor who can perform balloon sinuplasty is the answer.