Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery

Getting any type of surgery is a big deal and it’s important to make sure you are ready. A sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan will make sure you’ve been informed of what to expect during the surgery and during the recovery time, which is usually minimal. Despite the minimal recovery and low amount of risk during the procedure, a chronic sinusitis surgery is still a surgery and you may find yourself with questions or concerns. Don’t let yourself get any procedure without feeling like you have the answers you need. That’s a situation a sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan will always avoid because he knows how important it is to patients to feel ready before any sort of procedure.

From the first consultation to the final follow up, your sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan will be monitoring your progress closely. Any treatment methods attempted will be noted and the doctor will be able look at how they impacted your condition and what effect, if any, they had on your sinusitis. Since any sinus surgery options are usually last resorts, a doctor will have gone through a few other different treatment methods first. However, sinusitis surgery treatment has been proven to have long-lasting results with minimal risk and recovery time, so doctors aren’t shy about using it.

Balloon sinuplasty surgery is simple, particularly when done by a sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan. It drains the sinuses when your body is having difficulty clearing them on it’s own. A balloon is inserted up your sinuses on a wire catheter and then opened, which opens up your sinuses. If you take it at those words alone, it probably sounds painful. However, the procedure is quick and pain-free, 99% of the time. A sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan routinely performs chronic sinusitis surgery using a balloon and will have no trouble with your procedure as well.

For any sinusitis surgery treatment, a Manhattan doctor is always the best choice. Training and experience alone makes these doctors stand out from the crowd. Then consider the access they have to all the latest medical developments, from technology and treatment procedures. The decision is easy if you are considering sinus surgery options. Many come to a sinus doctor in Midtown Manhattan with a referral from their general practitioner and it’s a decision they have never regretted. Talk about balloon sinuplasty surgery with your doctor today if you’re having difficulties clearing your sinuses and you are tired of constantly feeling sick.