About Sinus Surgery: What to Expect

Chronic sinus infections are no easy feat, so you want to do whatever you can to get rid of them. That may involve what’s known as balloon sinusitis surgery, which is a way for doctors to open up your nasal passages if you are not responding to other treatments. A 10017 sinuplasty specialist will insert a balloon catheter and open them up to drain any mucous buildup that might be causing you discomfort or pain and leading to the sinus infections. Balloon sinusitis surgery is not a complicated procedure, but you will undoubtedly still have questions for your doctor, as most sinusitis surgery patients do. Learn a little about sinus surgery first so you are prepared to get the information you need to know prior to the procedure.

Preparing for the surgery
There is little to do in the way of preparation for balloon sinusitis surgery. It’s a quick procedure that doesn’t have a lot of recovery time. You won’t have to fast, as you would with other surgical procedures. 10017 sinusitis surgeons will meet with you before the procedure so you have an opportunity to find out what you need to do leading up to the day of your procedure. This way, you’ll be fully prepared and you’ll know what you can expect.

The procedure itself: about sinus surgery
The procedure can be broken down into four steps. First, the balloon catheter is inserted into the nasal passages or the inflamed sinus. Then the balloon is inflated in order to open up the sinus passages. Then, a doctor will flush the sinus to drain any mucous or pus out. The balloon catheter is then taken out. It is an easy, minimally invasive procedure and a 10017 sinuplasty surgeon has performed it time and time again. You are in good hands with these doctors.

Recovering from the procedure
Balloon sinusitis surgery comes with a very easy recover period. You’ll be back to normal activities, seemingly in no time and you’ll be amazed at the long-term results. Sinusitis surgery patients have seen the results of the procedure last for up to 5-10 years. In tandem with other procedures, a balloon sinusitis surgery procedure is highly effective.

Consult with 10017 sinusitis surgeons

A 10017 sinuplasty specialist is the foremost expert when it comes to finding out information about sinus surgery and getting the procedure done. These doctors have all the latest technology to make sure the procedure goes off without a hitch and you walk out without any expectation of chronic sinus infections. Consult with the doctors today and find out if this is an option for you.