Dealing with Snoring and Sinusitis

If you are looking to cure snoring, sinuplasty procedures can be highly effective. Snoring is often caused by sinusitis, which can be an incredibly painful condition that interrupts a patient’s sleep patterns and prevents a full night of uninterrupted rest. Symptoms of chronic sinusitis can last for three to five years, including snoring. Of course, some adults snore without having sinusitis or a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, but a few tests will quickly provide a Central Park West sinusitis specialist with a diagnosis. Snoring and sinusitis are often so closely tied together that sinuplasty surgery procedures will clear up the snoring problem along with the sinusitis.

Balloon sinuplasty surgeries have been proven to have the best results when it comes to treating snoring and sinusitis. The procedure is an endoscopic, catheter-based system that uses a small sinus balloon to open up the nasal passages. It’s designed to encourage normal sinus drainage without actually damaging the sinus lining of your nose. If your snoring is caused by chronic or acute sinusitis, schedule an appointment with a Central Park West sinusitis specialist to determine whether these balloon sinuplasty surgeries are right for you, and particularly if it will help cure snoring. Sinuplasty procedures are minimally invasive and come with a quick recovery period, so it’s usually a preferred method of treatment.

Clearly, balloon sinuplasty surgeries help to cure snoring and sinusitis often at the same time, considering the fact that snoring reduction is a welcome side effect. About 45% of adults snore occasionally, but sinuplasty surgery procedures are designed to cure those suffering specifically from chronic and acute sinusitis.

Schedule an appointment with a Central Park West sinusitis specialist

In order to figure out how to cure your snoring and sinusitis, you need to schedule a consultation with a Central Park West sinusitis specialist. There are other ways of treating snoring, but if you are suffering from snoring and sinusitis at the same time, a specialist will urge you to consider balloon sinuplasty surgeries.

A Central Park West sinusitis specialist understands how difficult it can be to get through your day without having a full night of sleep. You lack energy or the will to do just about anything. As simple as snoring might seem, it can be the cause of all this listlessness. A specialist will accurately diagnose you before discussing snoring and sinusitis treatments, including sinuplasty surgery procedures, to determine what option is best for you.