Treating Chronic Sinus Infections

These days, treating sinusitis through balloon sinuplasty surgery has never been easier. Many doctors even do the procedure in their office. It’s easier than going to an outpatient facility and much more comfortable for you as well. You’ll be getting sinus surgery from a doctor you know and trust, so long as he or she is a specialist. There are also sometimes lower costs associated with getting sinus surgery in your doctor’s office rather than in a different facility. One thing to make note of if you are going to get balloon sinuplasty surgery in the office, however, is that local anesthesia might not be an option. With that being said, this method of treating sinusitis is minimally invasive and you should be back to regular activities within two days.

Chronic sinus infections are difficult to get through. The congestion and pain can be overwhelming and your energy will be sapped early in the day. Balloon sinuplasty surgery will open up your sinuses and make dealing with severe sinus infections a lot easier. In fact, once your sinuses are open, you’ll experience fewer chronic sinus infections. There are also methods of treating sinusitis that involve prescription medications, but there have been better proven results from a balloon sinuplasty surgery.

Getting sinus surgery may seem like a big deal, but the procedure is actually incredibly simple. First, a soft and flexible wire is inserted into the blocked sinus. Then, the balloon is inflated over the guide wire to expand the sinuses. Finally, the balloon is removed. The procedure typically lasts an hour if everything goes accordingly. While balloon sinuplasty surgery isn’t always the first method of treating sinusitis or chronic sinus infections, it’s the ideal option for those who haven’t seen results from medications. In fact, at least 20% of patients don’t respond to medications successfully.

If you are still suffering from chronic sinus infections after unsuccessfully trying certain medications, consider getting sinus surgery. Your doctor will be able to walk you through a balloon sinuplasty surgery procedure and let you know what you can expect during and after. The recovery period is quick and simple, reflective of how easy the procedure is. You’ll be free of chronic sinus infections before you know if it you choose to get balloon sinuplasty surgery. Your doctor will help you decide whether or not your severe sinus infections call for the surgery and will get you an appointment as soon as possible.