Preparing For Sinusitis Surgery

If you are suffering from severe sinus pain or other sinus symptoms that have lasted for months, you should search sinus specialist NYC or sinus surgery NYC to be put in contact with the best ENT doctors in NYC. If the symptoms you are experiencing refuse to go away or get worse, you might be suffering from chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis. An otolaryngologist will be able to provide you with a diagnosis so you can determine whether you have a serious sinus problem, such as an infection. If you are ready to find treatment for your sinusitis, you may need to endure a sinusitis operation, such as endoscopic sinus procedure, nasal polyp removal, and/or a sinus-balloon procedure. Search sinus surgery NYC or top ten ENT doctors in NYC in order to find sinus pain relief.

Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is a sinus infection caused by inflamed sinuses. Sinus infection symptoms occur from infections, allergies, air pollution, or structural irregularity in the nose. Caused by a viral infection, most cases occur when an organism is attacked by an outside pathogenic virus. A bacterial infection is noticed when sinus symptoms last more than ten days, or if they begin to worsen again after showing signs of improvement. People with asthma, cystic fibrosis, and poor immune function are more susceptible to chronic sinusitis and recurring episodes. Symptoms of acute sinusitis include 1) nasal infection paired with congestion and discharge; 2) postnasal dripping accompanied by sore throat; 3) pain across the cheekbone, around the eye and above the teeth; 4) sinus headache and fever; and 5) increased pain while coughing. Chronic sinusitis shares symptoms that are similar to acute sinusitis, but is differentiated by the length and severity of the ailment. For the best ENT doctors in NYC, search top ten ENT doctors in NYC.

Traditionally, sinus surgery removes the diseased or obstructive sinus tissue, resulting in improved natural sinus drainage. Balloon sinuplasty is a new alternative, involving the expansion of the natural openings of the sinuses. However, it has been shown that it doesn’t exactly treat all the underlining problems that cause the sinusitis. Sinus surgery is your best bet for long-lasting relief; however, because it is surgery, there is an increase of the chances for risk and complication. The surgery could fail to resolve the infection, the infection could reoccur—or bleeding, chronic nasal drainage, skull, pain, reduction of loss of taste or smell could occur as a result of sinus surgery. A patient has to refrain from eating or drinking for 8 hours before the surgery. In addition a patient cannot have a fever and must arrange for someone to bring him/her to and from the hospital. To find a professional in sinusitis relief, search sinus specialist NYC for a diagnosis.