Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep is an important part of life. When one’s sleep is disturbed, they encounter all sorts of issues. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is condition that negatively impacts your sleep. This disorder impairs your breathing during sleep, which leads to many difficulties. If you have sleep apnea, find out how the nasal surgery, balloon sinuplasty can help you.

The Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

According to the National Sleep Foundation, obstructive sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans. Sleep disorders are prevalent among U.S. citizens, and considering how much sleep affects health, it is a pressing matter. For patients who are unaware of their condition and want to know if they have sinusitis, there are plenty of telling signs they should watch out for.

The symptoms of OSA can be incapacitating for patients and quite annoying for those around them. Sleep apnea can cause patients to periodically wake up in the middle of the night. They may also experience difficulties breathing while they sleep. Snoring is another symptom of OSA, and is perhaps the most telling sign. Unfortunately, patients are not able to determine if they snore on their own. Usually, they need to be informed by someone close to them, like a spouse.

A lack of sleep leads to a poor quality of life. People with this chronic disorder will experience extreme daytime sleepiness, headaches, insomnia and trouble concentrating. These symptoms can affect one’s mental state as they prevent people from sleeping. Those with OSA have been known to have depression, anxiety, and irritability.

Finding the Best Sinus Relief

Obstructive sleep apnea can be caused by sinusitis. Inflamed sinuses block the nasal passages, which reduces breathing and can cause issues. The most common sleep apnea treatment for OSA is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). This is considered the best treatment for OSA, however, it does not provide the best sinus relief. Also CPAP is a long-term treatment, which is not ideal for people who want quick relief.

For the best sinus relief, consider balloon sinuplasty as an alternative sleep apnea treatment. As a nasal surgery, balloon sinuplasty is quick, safe, and effective. It is minimally-invasive, meaning the sinuses receive minimal damage during the operation. Doctors can perform this procedure in under an hour, and most patients recover within 1-2 days. If you are having sleeping and breathing issues, contact a qualified otolaryngologist, who can tell you everything you need to know about this ground-breaking procedure.