Diagnosing and Treating Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are more than just an irritating stuffy nose. They can create more serious health problems if they aren’t dealt with as soon as possible. Make diagnosing and treating sinus problems your priority if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain. A Midtown East sinuplasty specialist understands how difficult it is to get through the day with a chronic sinus infection or problem, and will do whatever possible to resolve the problem and leave you feeling energetic, happy, and ready to face the day again.

A Midtown East otolaryngologist is an ear, nose, and throat specialist who is medically trained to deal with diagnosing and treating sinus problems. The doctor will look to the root of the problem, which is important. Treating the symptoms of a sinus infection will only work so long as the symptoms are present, but treating the cause of the infection will help to keep the problem at bay. Chronic sinus infections occur for a reason, so a Midtown East sinuplasty specialist will figure out what that reason is before starting any treatment plan.

One such method of treating sinus problems is through balloon sinuplasty surgery. A Midtown East sinus specialist will evaluate your candidacy and whether or not the surgery will be beneficial for your condition. Specialists will usually recommend the surgery when alternative methods, like antibiotics, haven’t been effective. The surgery has had long-lasting, successful results in so many cases, which means it’s a viable option of treatment for different types of patients. 

Make an appointment with a Midtown East otolaryngologist early if you suspect you have a sinus problem. Sinus problems will impact your health in other ways if they aren’t addressed early on. They can lead to poor sleeping and eating habits, to start. The inflammation of the nasal passages and the pain can also be incredibly draining. Treating sinus problems will keeps these symptoms and other complications at bay as much as possible, providing the treatment takes and you follow up when necessary.

A Midtown East sinus specialist will be a huge relief when it comes to treating sinus problems and preventing them from occurring in the future. The specialist will give you a thorough exam and listen to any symptoms or concerns you find yourself experiencing. With the latest diagnostic and treatment options, an otolaryngologist is your best bet when it comes to getting the treatment you need.