How Does Balloon Sinuplasty Work?

When contemplating solutions to clogged sinuses, balloon sinuplasty is an option for those with deviated septums and sinus blockages. But is balloon sinuplasty effective? It can be performed in a hospital or as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Balloon sinuplasty is a procedure which uses a wire catheter and a balloon to expand sinuses and widen nasal passages permanently, and without invasive procedures and extensive sinuplasty recovery time.

But is it effective? According to studies, it is effective for patients with chronic and recurring sinusitis. It is also effective for patients with or without allergies, patients with maxillary or sphenoid diseases, and patients with asthma and previous surgery. It is also very safe, with a complication rate of just 0.1 percent.

With long lasting symptom improvement and short recovery time compared with other sinus surgeries, balloon sinuplasty is an effective solution if you’re having trouble with a sinus. Balloon sinuplasty uses balloon sinus dilation to restore normal drainage to nasal passageways by widening the walls of the sinus and dilating sinus openings.

If you’re looking into balloon sinus dilation, side effects and recovery are serious concerns. Sinuplasty recovery, however, is a breeze compared with other surgery recovery. Most patients are able to drive themselves home within 10 to 15 minutes of finishing the procedure. Within two days, most patients are able to complete normal daily activities within two days. Because balloon sinus dilation is minimally invasive, recovery is easy, and almost all patients do not report relapse of symptoms after two years or more.

Though balloon sinuplasty can produce some bloody drainage for a few days after the procedure as backed-up sinus blockage succumbs to gravity, the recovery time for the procedure is excellent despite this. Fatigue is often a side effect as well, and you should refrain from blowing your nose for at least 24 hours. Strenuous activity, including exercise, should be avoided as well, but some recover time is normal for all surgeries.

If you’re a New York resident living in the outer boroughs or Manhattan, balloon sinuplasty in the city might be the right option. Midtown sinus surgery is a convenient option that is only a few subway stops away. Manhattan balloon sinuplasty has the advantage of a doctor who is close by, if you have questions or concerns about the procedure. New York, Manhattan, or Midtown sinus surgery is the way to go if you’re looking for convenient sinuplasty.