Stop Congestion and Snoring

Balloon sinus surgeons know that conditions like snoring and sleep apnea will get in the way of a full night of sleep. Waking up as many times as you do isn’t conducive to getting the rest you need to be your regular energetic self the following day, but you don’t have to suffer anymore. Sure, you may have tried other ways to decrease sinus pressure before; but over the counter medications didn’t work and adhesive strips didn’t reduce your snoring. These methods are designed to treat the symptoms, not the condition itself.  Balloon sinuplasty surgeries, on the other hand, treat the problem: the inflamed and blocked nasal passages.

A 10022 sinuplasty surgeon will use a flexible balloon catheter to open up your sinuses and drain them, which might be something your body is having difficulty doing and is leading to your sinus infections. It’s one of the most effective ways to stop congestion and snoring by treating the problem, no the symptoms. The procedure has proven to have long-lasting results, with patients reporting clear sinuses for a longer period of time than with other methods.

 Balloon sinuplasty procedures are the latest in a line of treatments meant to decrease sinus pressure and help a chronic sinus infection. It doesn’t require any cutting or removing of any bone tissue, and it maintains your sinus lining. 95% of patients have reported an improvement in symptoms over the course of nine months, including getting better sleep at night.

Schedule a consultation with a sinus specialist on the Upper West Side

You should never make any changes to your treatment without first consulting with a sinus specialist on the Upper West Side. Doctors know how to stop congestion and snoring using balloon sinuplasty surgeries, promising that you have the long-lasting results you are after. Whether you have a chronic sinus infection or another condition that causes your nasal passages to become inflamed or blocked, trust that balloon sinus surgeons know what they are doing. Their patients have experienced fantastic results, able to breathe easy and feeling better from the absence of symptoms associated with a chronic sinus infection.

Balloon sinus surgeons are able to offer the latest treatments and procedures designed to help you deal with symptoms of a chronic sinus infection. You can decrease sinus pressure to congestion and snoring through balloon sinuplasty surgeries and be back to normal activity within two days. Call today to schedule a consultation and determine whether it’s the right procedure for you.