Frontal Sinus Surgery

Your frontal sinuses are located behind your forehead and when they are inflamed, it’s known as acute frontal sinusitis. There are procedures to treat this ailment and a frontal sinuplasty specialist in Midtown will be able to give you a proper diagnosis and move on from there. Frontal sinusitis surgery is necessary for a number of reasons, as there are a few different causes for these infections.

Bacteria and viruses
The cilia hairs in your nose are designed to help block organisms from getting into your sinuses, but they aren’t always entirely effective. If bacteria gets into your sinuses, they can stick to the membranes and start to multiply, causing an infection. Frontal sinusitis surgery is an ideal treatment in these cases. Viruses in your body can cause infections as well, and these will be diagnosed by a frontal sinusitis specialist before proceeding with treatment. 

Nasal polyps
Nasal polyps are found in your nose and they are small blockages in your sinus passages. They are often made up of mucous buildup and can stop your sinuses from draining properly, causing buildup and infections.

Deviated septum
A deviated septum means that you don’t breathe properly, which can lead to a lack of proper air circulation. That may cause the tissues of your frontal sinuses to become inflamed.

These are not the only causes of chronic sinus infections, but they are three of the big ones. A Midtown Manhattan frontal sinusitis doctor will be able to provide you with a definitive diagnosis and determine whether or not the treatment will be effective for you. Endoscopic frontal sinusitis treatments are minimally invasive procedures that allow for faster recovery time and fewer risks. Go over your health with your doctor first to determine whether or not you are a candidate.

Frontal sinus surgery can be the procedure that stops you from suffering from chronic sinus infections going forward. Consult with a specialist today to get a diagnosis and find out if you are actually suffering from these frontal sinus infections. Getting answers feels good and you’ll be able to finally get the treatment you need.