Balloon Sinuplasty and ENT Surgeries

The goal of surgical procedures is to be performed in as minimally invasive ways as possible. Luckily for patients suffering from sinusitis, balloon sinuplasty and ENT surgeries have evolved to that point. These procedures are effective while still being minimally invasive. Previously, the surgeries were done through a lot of external cutes and required a heavier recovery period. Currently, however, the procedure is done using a nasal endoscope through the nostril, meaning no cuts, no extensive nasal packaging, and a much faster recovery time.

Balloon sinuplasty and ENT surgeries are recommended for a variety of different conditions and ailments. Most notable among them is chronic sinusitis, which is an inflammation of the nose and sinuses. When the patient isn’t responding to alternative treatments like antibiotics or other over the counter medications, a Midtown sinuplasty specialist will advise surgical endoscopic ENT procedures. There are different types of these ENT procedures, of course, but the balloon sinuplasty procedure is the most common.

Endoscopic surgeries in New York City are done under local or general anesthesia. Then, a small telescope is inserted through the nostril. It allows a Midtown sinuplasty specialist to see the narrow passageways and figure out if balloon sinuplasty and ENT procedures will be effective. The endoscopic procedures themselves will also open up the nasal passageways as well.

The main goal of different types of ENT procedures, specifically balloon sinuplasty, is to open up the nasal passages and keep the drainage pathway open. It will reduce the amount of chronic sinusitis episodes you experience, if this is what is causing the episodes. In addition to treating the cause, it also makes it easier to use other medications. Nasal sprays, for example, are much more effective if you are able to get the medications to the lining of the sinuses.  

Preparing for the surgery is much easier than you might think. Avoid things known to increase bleeding, like aspirin and certain vitamins. You may also need to take medication leading up to the surgery, but you will need to discuss any of these specifics with a Midtown sinuplasty specialist. The surgery prep will vary from patient to patient. These specialists will evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not the procedure will be effective and how you’ll need to prepare.

If traditional treatments for chronic sinusitis aren’t working for you, consider balloon sinuplasty and ENT procedures. Endoscopic ENT procedures are effective and have seen great results in many different types of cases.