Effectiveness Of Balloon Sinuplasty

How well does balloon sinuplasty work? And what are balloon sinuplasty side effects? It’s a procedure that is newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and it is promising. But patients often have questions because of this. For patients seeking advice on how to deal with their acute or chronic sinusitis, consultation with a doctor is recommended.

Balloon sinuplasty is used to unblock sinuses. The procedure involves inserting a catheter with a type of balloon over it, and using air pressure within the balloon to manually dilate sinus passages. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, and because of this, can be an outpatient surgery done in a doctor’s office with local anesthesia.

Used for treatment of a severe sinus infection, cures like balloon sinuplasty show markedly improved outcomes from traditional surgical techniques, which involve cutting nasal tissue and bone. If you think you may have signs of a sinus infection, antibiotics or other medication are probably the first step a doctor will recommend. Sinus infection cures that involve medication are favored by doctors for acute sinusitis, while chronic sinusitis and other severe sinus infections may involve a combination of sinus infection cures, as well as surgery.

The signs of a sinus infection are constant aching, pressure and headaches. These signs may be accompanied by nasal discharge, which is generally green in color. Pain and other conditions are often worse while lying down. Toothaches, loss of sight in one or both eyes, and fever are also possible signs, if infection spreads to the eye sockets. Sinusitis may also cause difficulties with the middle ear, including dizziness, due to sinus congestion.

If your doctor thinks balloon sinuplasty is the right solution for you, then patients should investigate balloon sinuplasty side effects. Including some drainage of blood, fatigue, pain and swelling, allergic reactions to anesthesia and light tissue damage in rare cases, balloon sinuplasty side effects are generally not severe. Compared to other nasal surgery, including traditional functional endoscopic sinus surgery meant to fix sinus blockage, the recovery time and safety of balloon sinuplasty are a marked improvement.

For New York residents, Manhattan sinusitis procedures may be the way to go. In Midtown, balloon sinuplasty and other sinus procedures can be done locally. They have the advantages of convenient consultations and a fast trip home, so you can begin your recovery, whether you’re in the boroughs or Manhattan. Sinus procedures in the city are easy to access, which is why patients should consider Midtown balloon sinuplasty, whether you’re in New York or close by.