Cutting-Edge Sinus Surgery

This isn’t the days of old-school, damaging, traditional sinus treatment surgery. Balloon dilation of the sinuses, called a balloon sinuplasty, has been increasing in use since 2005, and is a serious improvement in terms of patient outcomes, comfort and price. This is generally because balloon dilation is a minimally invasive procedure, accomplished by inserting a balloon with a thin wire catheter as a guide before inflating it to restructure the sinus.

How long does balloon sinuplasty take? Old sinus treatment surgery techniques took much longer to perform and recover from, while new endoscopic surgery techniques and balloon sinuplasty have significantly sped up recovery times among patients. If you find yourself asking, “How long does balloon sinuplasty take?” then you should know you’re about to edge down the path of one of the cheapest, safest surgical options available when it comes to sinus treatments. On the Upper West Side (if you’re a New Yorker), and elsewhere in NYC, sinus treatments can be done quickly and easily. Often both endoscopic and balloon sinus procedures can be done in less than two hours, and at least with balloon sinuplasty, the patient is generally capable of walking within 10 to 15 minutes after the operation.

Patients can often find balloon sinusitis operation costs that are lower than traditional procedures, which require packing and other archaic methods. This is because balloon sinuplasty procedures are commonly performed in the doctor’s office, not in the hospital. Because this can be done while the patient is under local anesthesia, it eliminates the price tag associated with having an anesthesiologist on hand during the operation. With insurance, co-pay for sinus procedures can be as little as $10–$50 dollars, if you’re concerned about sinusitis operation costs. Without insurance, however, sinus surgery can cost over $4,000. So make sure you’re using a doctor who is covered by your insurance.

If you’re a New Yorker looking for cutting-edge options for sinusitis or other sinus conditions like nasal polyps, West Side balloon sinuplasty is conveniently located near Central Park West. New York can be a difficult place for allergies, with residents’ immune systems under siege by tons of unknown bacteria from subway handrails and similar surfaces. That, on top of exposure to all kinds of alien substances, increases the chance you’ll run into an unknown allergen. If you’re looking for sinus treatments on the upper west side, balloon sinuplasty doctors can do procedures locally to maximize you comfort and recovery time.