Treating Sinusitis with Surgery

Suffering from a chronic sinus infection, otherwise known as sinusitis can rob you of your energy and desire to anything at all. Luckily, sinus infection treatment has gotten much better, including options for sinusitis surgery. Balloon sinuplasty surgery is one method of treatment that a Midtown West sinus infection doctor will recommend. It uses balloon technology to open up the sinuses. A balloon is on the end of a catheter wire and once it's inflated, the doctor hopes it would keep your sinuses open as well, even after it's removed. It's known as a very minimally invasive procedure when performed correctly by a Midtown West sinus infection doctor, but it can't be used as a way to biopsy inside the sinuses. A biopsy would help determine what is causing the chronic sinus infection. However, balloon sinuplasty surgery has been an incredibly successful method of sinus infection treatment, so the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Any form of surgical sinus infection treatment needs to be done by a board certified sinusitis surgeon. Balloon sinuplasty surgery is a relatively simple procedure, but when it's performed wrong, you can face certain risks and complication. This goes for any method of treating a chronic sinus infection, really. Taking medication you weren't prescribed or trying treatment methods that worked for someone else can cause more trouble. You need to get a full exam from a Midtown West sinus infection doctor get a definitive diagnosis and the most effective treatment methods for you. Your chronic sinus infection might require additional treatment, meaning certain medications won't work.

Whether you are undergoing balloon sinuplasty surgery or any other method of treating sinusitis with surgery, a Midtown West sinus infection doctor must examine you first. These medical professionals will be able to prepare you for the surgery and help minimize the risks by giving you any information you need to know. When they perform the balloon sinuplasty surgery themselves, it will go perfectly and you'll be reaping the benefits from your newly opened sinuses before you know it.

Sinus infection treatment methods are designed to help you feel better and give you back some of the energy you need to go about your daily life. It's surprising how sick a chronic sinus infection can make you feel; many patients assume it's just like a simple cold. The pain and congestion that comes along with a chronic sinus infection, however, are much worse. A Midtown West sinus infection doctor will diagnose and treat those symptoms, helping you start to feel better. They will also treat the root of the problem, like the cause of the infection, instead of just treating the symptoms the way you would with a cold. Balloon sinuplasty surgery is just one of the sinus infection treatment methods available to you and you should discuss your options with your doctor to determine what's going to be most effective in your case.