Causes Of Sinusitis

What are the causes of sinusitis? Both smoking and second hand smoke contribute to chronic rhinosinusitis. But certain types can also be caused by slight abnormalities within the auditory or Eustachian tubes. Acute sinusitis is usually the cause of an infection in the upper respiratory tract, and is usually a virus. The flu and other viruses can cause an infected sinus, but bacterial and fungal infections are also relatively common causes as well.

Allergic fungal sinusitis is a common form of fungal sinusitis. This type is most common in warm and humid climates. Allergic fungal sinusitis is an allergic reaction to aerosolized environmental fungi characterized by expansion and erosion of the sinuses. Allergic fungal sinusitis can be treated with both surgery and steroid therapy.

An infected sinus which begins with fungal growth is by far the most common cause of sinusitis. Eosinophilia, a type of why blood cell, generally attacks the fungus within the sinus, and in doing so, releases a product called Major Basic Protein. However, this antibody is also irritating to the mucus lining of the sinuses and sometimes enables growth of fungus. This irritation of the lining of the sinus can cause sinusitis to become chronic. Secondary infections that result from chronic clogging of a sinus, and means that drainage of a thick, yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or back of the throat is not uncommon.

Allergic rhinitis or asthma are also causes of sinusitis. Allergic patients and those with asthma have increased risk of inflammation and irritation, leading to a greater likelihood of infection, and sinusitis. Allergic patients are often treated with allergy medicine, which lessens irritation of airways and increases the body’s ability to defend itself from infection.

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