Blocked Sinuses

Chronic sinusitis and other forms of sinus blockage can mean life is considerably less pleasant. Losing your sense of smell, along with sinus pressure and difficulty breathy are symptoms that mean you are often in pain and not attaining optimum quality of life.

In terms of complications, chronic sinusitis is very safe. However, due to the proximity of sinuses to the brain, the most dangerous complications involve anaerobic bacteria entering the brain. Meningitis and abscesses are possible outcomes of this, with the potential to cause mild personality changes, visual problems, seizures and death in rare, very serious cases. See a doctor today if you think you might have chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis is a serious condition in terms of quality of life. Caused by viral infection, allergies, air pollution or bacteria, sinusitis becomes classified as chronic when it passes the 12 week mark. Chronic sinusitis treatment generally involves some combination of antibiotics, corticosteroids and surgery, with nasal irrigation and balloon sinuplasty more often used in chronic cases. Sinus infection remedies like antibiotics are often used in cases with extreme pain, or cases that last long periods of time but aren’t yet chronic.

For chronic cases, balloon sinuplasty risks are minimal, with only 0.1 percent of patients experiencing complications. It has also been shown to be as effective as functional endoscopic sinus surgery, which is held as a standard treatment for sinusitis. However, balloon sinuplasty recovery is significantly faster. It also shows improvement in the number of sinusitis incidences after surgery that require medication.

However, balloon sinuplasty isn’t the right treatment for all chronic sinusitis patients. Data is lacking on patients with severe polyposis, fungal sinusitis, facial trauma, Samter’s triad, severe deviations in the septum and other conditions. Consult a sinus doctor to see if balloon sinuplasty is right for you.

But what sinus infections remedies are there? Chronic sinusitis treatment and treatment for other types of blocked nasal passages can be a headache, and require extensive time, both for procedures and recovery. However, for a quick procedure like balloon sinuplasty, risks and recovery times are low. If you’re a New York resident and are looking for a Manhattan sinus doctor, you’re on the right path. Midtown treatment for sinusitis is an easy way to get great treatment close by.

For an alternative treatment for sinusitis that is less invasive than other sinus surgeries, balloon sinuplasty is the way to go. Whether you live in the outer boroughs or near Midtown, treatment for sinusitis with balloon sinuplasty is the way to go. Breathe easy, because Manhattan sinus doctors are just around the corner.