Top Surgical Sinusitis Treatments

Getting sinus surgery is the most effective way to curb any chronic sinus problems. The treatments have seen great results over long periods of time, with patients reporting clear sinus passages for as long as six years. A Midtown Manhattan otolaryngologist will do the surgery easily and monitor your recovery, though there are few risks or complications associated with the procedure. While the best balloon sinuplasty treatments are ideal for dealing with sinusitis, there are other surgical sinusitis treatments. Getting sinus surgery in this regard means you may have a longer recovery period and the results may vary.

Depending on the severity of your sinusitis, you may require a more intensive surgery. If your sinus tissue has become diseased or obstructed, a Midtown Manhattan otolaryngologist will need to remove it. That itself means additional potential complications or risks, but a surgeon will be able to monitor the procedure carefully while it’s going on to make sure you aren’t a candidate for those issues. The surgery could take several hours and you’ll be in recovery for three to five days; you’ll have to take it easy and see your doctor regularly as a follow up.

Typically, surgical sinusitis treatments (as opposed to endoscopic treatments) are used when those complications arise from initial procedures. If there is pus in a sinus, if the problem has evolved to an infection, or you’ve developed a brain abscess, an otolaryngologist will need to do a more involved surgery. Whereas a balloon sinuplasty surgeon in Midtown uses a balloon to dilate your sinus passages, these surgeons will need to make an opening into the sinus through your mouth or face. The cut will be as small as possible, but it will require additional care.

Based on your medical history, getting sinus surgery is ideal for patients who have gotten the maximum amount of other treatments, whether that’s medications or therapies. Your doctor will monitor your progress and your health to determine whether or not you are a candidate for getting sinus surgery and use the details of your case to figure out which will be better for you. The type of surgical sinusitis treatments you get will depend on the severity of your sinusitis, and how far the condition has progressed.