Benefits Of Balloon Sinuplasty

If you are experiencing inflammation of your sinus lining, you should search nose specialist NYC or best sinus surgeon NYC to find a qualified ENT doctor you can see to determine whether or not you have sinusitis. Sinusitis is inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining of the sinuses. Normally, your sinuses are filled with air, but when sinuses become blocked and filled with fluid, germs can grow and result in an infection. Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis is a sinus infection, symptoms of sinus infection can occur due to allergies, air pollution, or a structural irregularity in the nose. Most cases are caused by a viral infection that occurs when an organism is attacked by an outside pathogenic virus. A bacterial infection can be noticed if sinus symptoms last more than ten days, or you begin to worsen after showing signs of improvement. People with asthma, cystic fibrosis, and poor immune function are more susceptible to having chronic sinusitis and recurring episodes. For a diagnosis, search best otolaryngologist NYC or nose specialist NYC to find a qualified ENT doctor.

You shouldn’t have to deal with sinusitis symptoms on a day-to-day basis. You may be scared of the possibility of surgery, but there are alternative treatment methods. Some of the sinusitis symptoms include: facial pain, pressure, congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, discharge of mucus from the nose, teeth pain, loss of smell or taste, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, and bad breath. Instead of having serious surgery done, search top ENT doctors NYC to find information about balloon sinuplasty. If you have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and aren’t responding to the antibiotics, your doctor may suggest sinus surgery, however, balloon sinuplasty is a less-invasive option you may consider. To find balloon sinuplasty treatment, search top ENT doctors NYC or best sinus surgeon NYC.

There are great benefits of balloon sinuplasty; it is safer than traditional surgery and can be performed in a doctor’s office. Any uses of surgical instruments involve some risk, but research has determined it to be safe and effective in relieving sinusitis symptoms. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses small, soft, and flexible devices, entering entirely through the nostrils. These devices are used to gently open blocked sinuses, without tissue or bone removal. Balloon sinuplasty involves less bleeding than a surgical procedure because in many instances no tissue or bone is removed. There is less recovery time, and some patients are back to normal activities within 24 hours. To find a doctor who specializes in balloon sinuplasty, search best otolaryngologist NYC. A balloon sinuplasty expert will be able to answer any additional questions you may have.