Schedule a Balloon Sinuplasty Surgery Consultation

If you find yourself with frequent sinus infections and prescription medication just isn’t doing the trick, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Schedule a consultation with a Midtown sinuplasty surgeon and start to consider an alternative method of treatment. A balloon sinuplasty procedure will open up your sinuses and yields long-lasting results. Your general practitioner might not have the diagnostic tools and treatment methods to get your sinuses clear long-term, so the doctor will refer you to a Midtown ENT doctor, a specialist. Often, these ENT specialists are also balloon sinuplasty surgeons, which means you’ll be able to get the procedure from a doctor you are starting to know and trust. That factor will make getting a sinus surgery a bit easier.

Balloon sinuplasty surgeons will look at your overall health, the history of your sinusitis, and what treatment methods you’ve already tried. Make sure you go to your consultation with your medical history, as it will supplement any tests the specialist does. A Midtown ENT doctor is one of the best in the field and will know what to look for in your medical history, including how often you get the sinus infections, how they present in your case, and how successful treatment methods have been throughout the course of your infections. This information will help a Midtown ENT doctor determine whether or not a balloon sinuplasty surgery is the best option for you at this time.

Scheduling an appointment with a Midtown sinuplasty surgeon will be the first step to getting rid of your sinus infections. Getting a referral from your physician will ensure you are connected with the best possible Midtown ENT doctor, ensuring you get the best medical care you can.

Should you consider a balloon sinuplasty surgery?

You can benefit from a balloon sinuplasty procedure under a number of different circumstances. If you’ve tried medication and it hasn’t had as much success as you want, balloon sinuplasty surgeons will recommend the procedure. If your sinus infection is a fungal infection, a balloon sinuplasty procedure can drain the sinuses and make it easier to treat that fungal infection. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that other issues may need to be addressed as well. A balloon sinuplasty surgery won’t fix a deviated septum, for example, which can also lead to sinus problems. In that situation, the deviated septum will need to be fixed first so the endoscopic balloon sinuplasty procedure can open up the sinuses effectively. That’s just one example, of course, but a Midtown ENT doctor will go over your case with you much more in depth so you’re aware of what your procedure will look like.